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When the unthinkable happens, people tend to shut down and lower themselves into a state of self-pity. It’s a natural response to a tragic or devastating experience, but that doesn’t mean you should remain in that state forever. In fact, you should rebound as quickly as possible to keep from making your self-pity a long-term habit or excuse. Once you accept your new situation, you can begin working on a way to better yourself.

Choose Happiness

The state of mind you have in regards to your situation will determine how well you cope with it. You can make the decision to be happier than you’ve ever been even if you’re new situation involves a permanent disability or a serious illness. As your doctor has probably told you, a positive state of mind will affect your ability to recover or cope with your situation. To that end, look for things in your life for which you can still be grateful and express your gratitude for them on a daily basis. This will help you focus on the things that make you happy.

Control What You Can

Once you accept your situation and embrace happiness, you’ll already be taking the first important steps in maintaining control of your life. Additionally, look for the external factors that you can control and take steps to improve them. Many things will still be out of your control, but you can render those external factors insignificant by fortifying your inner strength. Focus on how you can use your skills and intelligence to overcome those challenges, so they won’t be a bother to you.

Start With a Morning Ritual

Creating a healthy morning ritual helps everyone to have a better, more productive day. It can help to get up one hour early to give you the time to get more done before your day officially starts. During this extra hour, go get some exercise or perform some physical therapy that will help your disability. You should also use this time to catch up on your reading, eat a healthy breakfast with plenty of natural fiber, and perhaps engage in meditation or yoga.

By the time you’re ready to start you’re day, you’ll find that you feel more energetic and motivated. This puts you in a prime position to work towards your goals. Your mind will be sharper after a night of good rest and an active morning, so you’ll be better equipped to deal with the day’s challenges. After following this strategy for a few weeks, you’ll find that you have a more positive mindset and that you’re achieving your goals with greater success.