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When we think of a great leader, what traits come to mind? Most of us conjure up ideas of inspiration, motivation, charisma, and compassion. Indeed, if a leader is to be truly great, they must display these characteristics, as a bare minimum.

In 1978, famed presidential biographer, historian, and political scientist, James MacGregor Burns coined the term “transformational leader” and defined it as a leader that focuses on the needs, beliefs, and values of his or her constituents. Transformational leaders always inspire their team and make them unify to chase a common goal. In this article, we’ll explore what transformational leadership is and why it is important.

Transformational leaders always compel their followers with a definite purpose and a clear end goal. They take time to learn about the individuals in the team and their values. By learning more about them as people, they can inspire them with a rock-solid purpose.

After understanding the values of the team, the transformational leader can then appeal to these values and motivate them to take steps toward the goal. They speak of their vision and the end goal very often and keep it implanted into the minds of the team members.

Once the goal is established, and the team is motivated to work towards it, project management is implemented to reach this goal effectively. Transformational leaders take the time to learn about their team members, so they will know how to communicate with them openly. They tend to walk around and create a true presence in the workplace to further aid in management and motivation.

Once the goal is reached, the transformational leader does not bow out. He or she keeps on developing these relationships. This helps out in the future when the next big project is underway. Once this culture of motivation and transparency is established, it is easier to sustain.

There are all types of leaders, and each of them has their own style. Truly great leaders know how to inspire and move their team to meet the goal at hand, while at the same time helping the team members reach their personal goals. Transformational leaders are experts at this and are incredibly valued members of any organization.